About Us

CPTX is a registered business in the state of Delaware. The establishment of CryptoPositive Token is to create a Reflection Token that will generate revenue to then provide its proceeds to CryptoPositive, Inc. (CPO), a 501(c)3 non-profit entity. For clarification purposes, CPTX and CPO are two separate and independent entities. For more information on CPO (the 501(c)3 non-profit entity), visit their website at www.cryptopositive.org.

Mission Statement

CryptoPositive, LLC (CPTX) has been established with the sole purpose of creating a safe and positive cryptocurrency experience that allows for the community to come together to help those in need. For too long, the crypto space has been seen as a dubious and negative part of the internet, full of greed and scams. We feel that now is the perfect time to show the world that this space has more to offer than pump and dump coins, rug pulls, and money grabs.

By creating a token that rewards its holders, gives all proceeds/profits to charitable causes, and facilitates an exciting and engaging environment, CPTX will attract investors, businesses, and establish relationships with other non-profit organizations that will change the lives of so many who can benefit from such a collaborative crypto community effort.

The People who make it all happen

Core Team

The CryptoPositive core team has not yet been fully established. The current team members are defined below. CryptoPositive may add additional positions as needed.

Chief Energy Officer

Ricky Ticky Timbo

Your first-ever crypto Chief Hype Officer from the Rematic Token, LLC team is now undertaking the CEO responsibilities of CryptoPositive Token, LLC and Crypto Positive Organization (Interim). What started with a tweet using #cryptopositive on Jan 27th, 2022 has now transformed into a full-throttle mission to provide goodwill and charity to others via a crypto project and a charitable organization.

Ricky received his BS in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing and Finance with 20+ years of experience. He worked within multiple industries including the Aerospace and Medical Device Manufacturing sectors. Ricky is familiar and experienced with working on large accounts such as Northrop Grumman, Boeing, and Alcoa to name a few. He has a strong manufacturing, operations, international business, negotiation, and marketing background to fully support strategies that provide ongoing company growth.

Ricky is a family man that loves sending out his Cali positive vibes to others. It has been his lifelong passion to give back to others in the biggest way possible and wants to utilize the crypto community to do so. “Let’s make a difference bigger than what we can imagine, together.” He will fully dox at $1M total donations raised and provided to CPO

Chief Operations Officer

Raymond Cardenas

From butcher to sales professional and everything in between, Ray has worked in nearly every industry holding various entry to mid-level positions. After making his way into sales and realizing his ability to connect with people, Ray quickly began to grow into his newfound passion of cryptocurrency and helping others. 

Ray comes from a very humble beginning. He always had an appreciation for having a mother who made sure they always had the bare necessities for survival. As his career in sales afforded a comfortable lifestyle, he has made it a point to use what he has to help others. What Ray lacks in a degree, he makes up for in passion and work ethic. He’s made the commitment to make sure CPTX has the best possible chance to be remarkably successful, not just for our holders, but also the countless lives around the world we can positively impact.

Chief HYPE Officer

Travis Wiswell

31-year-old USAF Veteran is married with 2 boys ages 3 and 7. Travis started investing in stocks, day trading & long-term investing for a few years; then he went on to fully focus on crypto investing a couple of years ago. His mission is to live life with a positive outlook even if things aren’t going in his favor. He always tries to find the positive in every situation. Travis is highly motivated to be a part of a team/token that is going to bring a positive change to the crypto space. “People caring about people”.

Chief Technology Officer


Jeremy has over 20 years of project management experience working with large national organizations. Jeremy brings his vast knowledge of managing projects to CPTX and RTL to maintain product quality and meet deadlines for utility release. He has also spent the last year in the DeFi space, where he was the CEO of another token on the Binance smart chain. He oversaw the development of all aspects of his token. He is married and has four children from ages 3 to 20 years old. We are excited to have Jeremy on our team where he has already shown the value he brings to our project and future  utilities.

Community Manager

Rob June

Rob studied Information Systems but went on to work in various management roles within the entertainment industry over the span of 20 years. The proud father of three, Rob enjoys spending time outdoors and entertaining friends. He has a passion for building, developing, and moderating online communities within the crypto space. We have grown to appreciate Rob’s passion for moderating and community engagement watching him moderate for the RMTX community both on Telegram and on Discord. CPTX/CPO are both extremely close to Rob, as his youngest son, age 5, has been diagnosed with autism spectrum
disorder (ASD) and is considered nonverbal. We are excited to work closely with Rob as he helps CryptoPositive create new and exciting ways to grow and engage our community. His work ethic and passion for this project have already been well on display and we look forward to the wonderful things he will bring to you, our