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CPTX Now Under Management of Rematic Tokens LLC

Wellness Center Roadmap Coming Soon...


The establishment of Crypto Positive Token is to create a safe and secure online Wellness Center where people can seek help from verified licensed experts and/or professionals in a variety of areas. Initial areas of service may include but not be limited to; Life Coaching, Nutrition, Physical Health, Mental Health, Anxiety, Depression, Complicated Grief, and other concerns. Those seeking help, will be able to do so Anonymously and procure the service via CPTX tokens.

Tokenomics from CPTX, as well as revenue from the wellness center, will contribute the establishment of CryptoPositive, Inc. (CPO), a 501(c)3 non-profit entity.

The purpose of CPTX is to Positively Impact others’ lives (both investors in the project and those in need of help) though Cryptocurrency.


Roadmap Coming Soon...


8% Holders
7% LP
4% Team
0.5% Charity
0.5% Smorgasbord

CPTX will assess a 20% reflection fee. 8% rewards will be distributed to holders in the form of Binance pegged USD stable coin (BUSD). 7% will be distributed to the liquidity pool, 4% for team operations and development of wellness center, 0.5% to charity, and 0.5% to the Smorgasbord (BBFT Utility).

$CPTX has been established with the sole purpose of creating a safe and positive cryptocurrency experience that allows for the community to come together to help those in need.

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